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The good API and Edgetradings

We are officially apart of the good API company 5 days of work provided  The good api is a company that wants to better our earth in the way of Planting trees we are happy to announce that edgetradings is involved with them I think the forex Community should jump on board. To learn more about them please visit Thegoodapi 

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TOP 6 Benefits of Forex Trading

TOP 6 Benefits of Forex Trading

  Why are forex trading signals important?       "You are fascinated with the idea of currency trading. But you're on the edge about whether it's the best way for you to generate money. Well, we can help."   What is forex trading? Foreign exchange trading, often known as forex trading, is the process of purchasing and selling currency values...

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About Us

Our History

Edgetradings was founded by two traders from the United states, since then they have expanded towards having a team of traders in  Tokyo, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world. Our trading team is involved and with a subscription you have access to talk to them.  

Our Vision

Since 2019, our vision was to create a platform where Forex traders can feel at home within a community. Our goal is to provide useful information that would increase a trader’s performance in the long-term and earn an extra income in there free time. Operations, Discord, telegram, website

Our Company

We operate from our Michigan Office, we have traders in Europe and our analyst and customer support teams are in Michigan and Germany. Quality signals are generated by our talented team of analysts who specialize in both long and short term trading of assets. We also use quantitative analysis software to assist with identifying trends and upcoming action to trade on.

Our Members

We currently have more than 500 premium members in our community who are interested and motivated enough to take control of their lives and finances.

We welcome everyone into our community. Whether you’re a beginner or have been actively trading for years, we have a place in our community for you!

If you can make one dollar, you can make a million more.

Join our big family to be entitled to a welcome pack, daily signals, and instructions on how to trade and take control of your life.